Born in Colombia and raised in Panama, Dahlia Dreszer is a distinguished photo artist with a profound passion for capturing the essence of life through her lens. A graduate from the prestigious Emory University, Dahlia holds a comprehensive background in Media and Photography, complemented by a concentration in Film and Media Management from the Goizueta School of Business.

With over a decade of dedicated experience in the realm of photography and artistry, Dahlia's commitment to her craft is evident in her extensive portfolio. Her artistic journey has been marked by numerous exhibitions, showcasing her work on recognized platforms such as Miami Art Basel week in 2021, 2022, and 2023, as well as notable displays at the renowned Frost Museum in Miami.

Beyond these acclaimed events, Dahlia has left her artistic imprint in various gallery exhibitions across the globe, including vibrant art scenes in Miami, Tulum, the UK, Seattle, and her native Panama. Her work is a testament to a relentless pursuit of aesthetic exploration, pushing the boundaries of conventional picture-making.

As a photo artist, Dahlia’s focus is to push the boundaries of conventional photography and create contemporary pieces that challenge the viewers perception of the medium. Dahlia seeks to inspire dialogue and introspection through her work, and blur the lines between reality and artifice. Dahlia’s work often explores themes of identity, memory, and the human experience, as she aims to question the limits of what can be achieved with a camera. Her process often involves manipulating the photograph in post-production, adding layers of meaning and depth to the composition. Dahlia’s work is constantly evolving as she strives to spark imagination and inspire new ways of thinking about the world around us.


Artist Statement: 

Within the boundaries of conventional photography, Dahlia found a way to begin a path out of it by exploring another dimension of picture-making where She creates unreal spaces that fly with our imagination and dreams.

Through her art, Dahlia intends to free the mind towards a way of understanding that goes beyond the conventional.  Expressed through photography and digital manipulation, Dahlia creates compositions that break free from reference in a significant way. She is interested in questions regarding artifice in color and naturalness in color, and how it does or does not belong in the environment.  

Dahlia is attracted to the basic vertical and horizontal elements of design and finds them in architectural structures in order to create a dynamic and complex balance in each composition. Her pieces are created through a hybrid process where she combines photography, digital technique, and a painters thought process. 


Exhibitions and Showcases: 

Art Wynwood with Liquid Art Systems Gallery, Feburary 2024, Miami, FL

Liquid Art Systems Gallery, December 2023 - Present, Miami, FL

Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, December 2023 - January 2024, Tampa, FL

Aqua Art Miami, December 2023, Miami, FL

Liquid Art System Gallery, December 2023, Miami, FL

Frost Museum Exhibition, October 2023, Miami, FL

Bocca Raton JCC Gallery Exhibition, Feburary 12 - March 23 2023, Bocca Raton, FL

Miami Art Basel Week 2022, Red Dot Fair, Ralwins Gallery

After Art Gallery, January 2021 - Present, UK

Gallery Aluxiik Tulum, - September 18 2021 - present, Tulum, Mexico 

Gallery Axis Pioneer Square featured artist- December 2019, Seattle, Washington

Gallery Axis Pioneer Square Art Walk "Time Atelier" - November 2019, Seattle, Washington

Ghost Gallery online featured artist - November 2019, Seattle, Washington

Stylus Salon solo Exhibit curated by Ghost Gallery- November 2019, Seattle Washington

Gallery Axis Pioneer Square Art Walk "Photography Show & Media Art Happening" - October 2019, Seattle, Washington

Capitol Hill Art Walk Cloud Room Exhibit - September 2019, Seattle, Washington

Raw Gallery Art Exhibit "Abstracción, Sensación, Intuición, y Color" - March 2019,  Panama City, Panama

Allegro Gallery - May 2019 - August 2019,  Panama City, Panama

Legacy Fine Art Gallery - June 2019 - Present, Panama City, Panama

Museo Regional de Veraguas "Metáfora Salvaje" - March 2019, Veraguas, Panama

Hombre de la Macha solo Exhibit "Mas Allà del Lente" - April 2019, Panama City, Panama

Macrofest Panama "Pop up Art" - March 2019, Panama City, Panama

Selina Hotel solo Exhibit "Mas Allà del Lente" - March 2019, Panama City, Panama

Emory University Woodruff Library Photography Exhibit - February 2016, Atlanta, Georgia 

Emory University Cox Media Exhibit - February 2017, Atlanta, Georgia